Yes, The Days Go By…

I must admit…it’s been a while but I do think my life, or at least how it has become of late, defintely warrants the excuse of not posting in such a long time. 

First of all, I’ve been in Virginia Beach for the past 6 weeks and if anything, I’ve learned that long beach runs completely take you away from the rest of the world. I started running on the beach and even though the beach was located within an arm’s reach of military housing, I found myself startled at each turn, each crevice, and at each moment I spent dancing in the sand with old and tired tennis shoes. In betweeen running, I found time to organize my professional life–or at least the career aspects of it all and at least fanatsize with the idea of making a name for myself in DC. My neighbor Brian is a riot and each time we connect, it reminds me of Maine and how if neighbors didn’t click, there would be a major much to do about something.

Right now, sitting in my last week of this great network class.

I think I’ve reached the point of being seriously dangerous in my profession. This class has completely opened my eyes to the quiet noise that the IT fields can provide me.

I hope the world, or at least DC, is ready for what’s coming.

Spoke with my buddy Cheston last week and his approach, or his new approach to life, scares the hell out of me. After speaking with him, I immediately bought a ticket to go see him in Texas. Our conversation was unlike any other conversation we’ve ever had and to be honest, the Army’s approach to his PTSD is truly fucked up. So, I don’t think my 4-day trip to see him will solve his war-driven problems but I do think that his friendship with me and the love I have for this dude will crumble alongside his relationship with the Army.

I just hope he hasn’t lost faith in our friendship.

So, I am off to my class work. God knows, the world needs more people who can analyse hex code and pen test like the best of ’em.

M.C. Davis



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