The New Day Has Come…

Last night, I went to bed without brushing my teeth and to boot, I had  a few swings of coffee and, count ’em, three Krispy Kreme donuts. Beforehand, I applied for a Blockbuster Video card (only because the local video store had way too much porn) which made me a slight bit more connected to the city.

It felt so good…so fresh to just be silent with only the sound of my mouth opening to ingest an overwhelming sense of pure sugary heaven-bliss. I woke up thinking that if this life is truly mine to hold, then I am the luckiest guy in the world. I thought of Maine and how she completely and utterly took me in so many years ago without hesitation or doubt. I thought of the new home in DC and how the city has invoked new feelings of growth, maturity, and change within me. I am also systematically growing into a new man that thinks way beyond the proverbial box and for once in my life, I am thinking like a champion should think.

I have been traveling back and forth on the weekends from Virginia Beach to DC over the course of the past weeks and I am loving the feeling I get when I arrive or depart from either place. With ample time to think, considering the drive is only about 3 hours, there exists a small connection to the patterns of traffic, people, the road to my own transition from the known into the unknown. Not to sound too philosophical but I think I’m growing.

So, a new day has come for me and I will embrace it gracefully.

I heard from my sponsor via email and found out that my job in DC will consist of me, two other guys, and the boss. Sounds kind of scary and especially since my sponsor will most likely only have a few weeks of turnover.


I think it’ll work out and only because in the most sense, it will have to. Those Damn Lemons!

M.C. Davis

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