My First DC Lunch Date

So, there I was, minding my own business–well, let start from the beginning.

I spent all morning searching for a book. Last night, I spent at least an hour looking for the same book in a business section no bigger than a small closet.

No joy.

I called for help in an attempt that maybe his younger more energetic eyes will go right to the section where the book was.

No joy once again.

He laughed then said, “I don’t know man. It says we have it in the system. I’m guess we should update the system.”

Yeah, you think? So, the next day, I woke up early, walked down the street to the local Java House, planned out a day of searching for a book, getting a paper done on the book, then studying for a crazy network analysis test on Tuesday. I managed to scurry through studying admist the noise–which, I love by the way–and quickly ran home to plan for the book attack.

Literally, on the Metro, off the Metro, then on again. I spent time finding addresses, then realizing that there wasn’t a method to the madness so when the day almost concluded, I resorted to calling ahead, then reserving the book.

In between this, it’s raining. The streets are noisy and I’m hungry like a wolf in heat. I can stop though. Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines. The guy I called about the available parking spot for $200 bones a month hasn’t called back so immediately I feel like the date rule was in effect. You know, after the first date, don’t call back until 3 days later?

I called anyway.

He answered and told me good luck, he’s sure I’ll find a parking spot in the area. I laughed then hung up the phone.

Next, my buddy Russ and I chat about his recent car accident. I told him it was his fault because had he called me last night, or at least connected with me, he would have avoided the collision with the 40-year-old chick that probably felt like crying the moment she hit him. At any rate, I digress…I’m just happy he’s okay because I just put my suit into the cleaners and I would have a clue as what to wear to a funeral…especially during this time of year.

The next thing that happened clearly was a divine intervention of some sort because when I sat down at the coffee shop to produce an award-winning paper, I was joined by Ricky The Homeless Millionaire.

More on him later but my life changed 6 degrees in meeting him and I think I’ve gained 20 more years of life from talking with him.

Oh yes, the days of Andy Griffith and the gang are desperately coming to a close.

M.C. Davis

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