Sweet Georgia On My Mind…

For the past few days, I have had an awakening.

First, let me say, when you take away the cell phone, the laptop, the wireless connection, and a few other of life’s necessities, you are ultimately left with one valuable piece of gear…your thoughts.  I’m not the one who needs to be connected–ahumph!, let me rephrase that. I’m not the one who needs to be constantly connected to the Net and in fact, oftentimes I’m not connected even when I am not in the middle of the woods with only the creak of the hardwood or the crickets to keep me company. For example, when I sleep at night, I am generally not connected to the Net or browsing blogs. When I am working, I am generally not connected nor have any inclination to connect. Lastly, when I am getting busy, the idea of checking my email is the last thing on my mind.

Let’s just say, camping in the mountains of northern Georgia made a true Man out of me and if anything, I learned that the other half isn’t that far off from my own half.

I also learned that it’s great to just sit and not talk or listen or make impressions that you’re doing either. I love the idea of not making sense of the world because when we are bombarded with the noise and mixture of voices, we often find ourselves becoming lazy in our own minds, and quietly learning to never leave our comfort zones. I learned that in most sense of how I grow, we learn to become funnels, and not filters, and the paradigm we find ourselves in becomes more noise than anything. The camping experience was salty to the taste and incredibly rough to the touch but exactly what I needed, in this time,  and in my personal steps toward personal glory.

So, thank you Georgia for giving me back to myself.

I promise to revisit our meeting again one day.

M.C. Davis

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