Can I Get A Wha Wha!!

you know, Washington DC creeps me out…

The other day I was walking down a very busy DC street, with a very cute and impressionable dog (Sammy) begging for the slightest of attention from any animate object in tow, and all of a sudden, someone spoke to me without any provocation from me.


I spoke back with an almost shuddering effect, which I’m sure creeped her out but when she left, I sort of stood there looking at the world as if I was the last guy standing. Needless to say, I was shocked and immediately wanted to take the leash from Sammy, and tie it around the neck of the woman quietly smiling. Peraps she would have liked that because, you know, I’m in that part of town but after a second glance, I realized this part of the city was perhaps a detour to her part of the city.

I didn’t do that.

In fact, this whole scene took about two seconds out of my life but it felt like a millennium had passed.

Now, just to bring a slight historical perspective to this story.

I love Maine and the people of Maine, not only because I feel safe around them, but more so because when someone asks how you are doing, I have a general feeling that their concern is sincere, honest, and incredibly heartfelt. In DC, this is not the case–or at least in my experiences this far. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything DC has to offer: the history, the culture, the community of diverse people, the fact that there are all night diners, blah blah blah, but there is just a distance that I have yet to understand when it comes to the people you encounter. I could go on and on in the characters I’ve come across but for sake of blog megabyte space and complete boredom, I won’t . What I will say is that my goal is to be objective, and find my one”Russ Jones” here.

…I think that’s a tall order.

Right now, hanging at a local coffee shop and sniffing wireless packets in the area. I know, baaaad network engineer! I know, I know, but I’m just scanning to let people know that there wireless networks needs to be more secure. I already have the mailer loaded up for the notices to go out…


M.C. Davis


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