She Looka Like A Man!

well, at least in the dark she did.

It was a lonely night in Maine the snow had just started to fall. We met up with some friends at a local art gallery opening and over wine, cheese, and conversation, our night had just started. After the Mayor’s speech, the ribbon ceremony, we all felt the spirit of something incredible happening.

Then we left. What transpired next was most likely the most bizarre scene I’ve ever experienced.

Troy and I went to a Drag King show!

The next two hours was filled with laughter beyond belief, insane women that looked like every type of man imaginable, and of course, a drag Queen to represent the dim minority of drag queens present. The show was incredible and despite my familiarity with lesbians, I found the show and the people sexy and hot to the touch. There were bare-breasted women, goatees and sideburns, and flying coochies in every direction. Troy and I laughed like we were dancing into the night air and believe me, to get us to dance like that is a true feat in itself. I don’t think I will ever look at a lesbian the same way…well, at least not a clothed lesbian. What came out of that incredible night was a true respect for art and culture and the indelible truth in sharing your soul with an audience full of strangers.

Afterwards, we walked home in the snow and made our way to the couch for some movie and ice cream time. After which, the night had ended.

A great night, with great company, and with an awesome best friend to share it with. Do you think there is a God?

Yep, there is.

M.C. Davis

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