Don’t Forget To Write!

This year, I starting over.

With the move to DC, I am starting a new chapter, a new song, and of course, a new circle of friends. At first, I thought: this is a good thing. But later, I thought: perhaps I’ll change into the monster that requires clothes to match the leaves or friends to match my ever-pressing schedule.


I am looking forward to the move because as soon as I find my way, it’ll be the ‘ol hat trick all over again. Troy and Sammy will visit and a slew of my good friends from Maine. Of course, Russ will never visit but in a strange way, that’s okay with me now. Most of my friends will make the effort which will make up for the distance in contrast with my best friend. OD and Jen will make the best of their life together and if anything, they find the groove that make it work for them. My Mom will be sad but I think she’ll find a new way to cope with the distance and if I don’t visit her at least once a month, she’ll probably kill me.

Planning a surprise trip for Troy in a few weeks. Instead of going to DC to work on the condo, I’ve decided to shuttle us to Barcelona for a week. It’ll be a nice change of scenery and we haven’t been anywhere like that in a long time. In his surprise, I’m sure he’ll give me some of my cool points from the year back.

I could use a few actually…

M.C. Davis


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