Biting Off More Than What?

Don’t you just love debt?

I have a really close friend who is perpetually in some type of financial dilemma. It doesn’t seem to go away and if it’s not the electric bill, it’s the rent payment or the gas bill. Of course, this person is constantly late paying the very few bills that are paid each month so when the dust has cleared, everything from the kitchen sink to the credit report is ruined.

So, the other day, we had an intervention of sorts. We sat this person down and made clear that we are done carrying the financial woes and the umpteen other problems and we need to see more action and less inaction. So, with a glazed face and almost serious tone, we took this person’s word that in a few days time, we would drive to Carmax and sell the vehicle, get rid of the $100 cable bill, put the electric and gas in the roommate’s name (yes, this person takes victims), and essentially start a new path of redemption.

So, we’ll see how this works and hopefully as time lends itself, this person will be able to rejoin their former self but without all the financial woes and crappy decision-making skills that has caused so much harm to this person’s life.

I’m not holding my breathe but I will ensure that what happens will be of the more “action” side of the house than the more favorable “inaction” side of the house.

M.C. Davis


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