A Fun Time Was Had By All…

well, if you include a little booze, free food, and a warm home then who wouldn’t have a fun time??

Actually, this year’s Christmas party at the house was truly a blessing. Not only did I have my closest friends there but everyone seemed to connect on very different and positive levels. It was incredible to witness the energy and ebb and flow of what truly makes any party an experience: friendship.

I’ve spoken about this theme several times but seeing and feeling it is completely different than just talking or theorizing about it. The party wasn’t about the idea of friendship, it was friendship and the very nature of what made the people there share their stories was intuitive to the nature of why some people are drawn to other people and vice versa. I gazed at times to the noise of laughter, conversation, and trust. I felt an overall ease that not only was my life unfolding in the arms of my friends but they in turn shared that very important gift with others. This was evident in what I saw, felt, experienced, and eventually touched.

You know, I am very proud of what I have and the people in my life. As I grow older, I find that for the most simplest of reasons to get up everyday usually become the most valued and treasured items in my life. Am I thankful? Hell yeah.

M.C. Davis


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