Gobble Gobble!

Some say that the best times with good friends usually include either a beverage, a dish, or perhaps both. I believe in the simple logic in how friendships start and ultimately become intrinsically metamorphic. In my own experiences, the art of friendship has ultimately nothing to do with the characters involved but instead how much investment is made at the most vulnerable times. The moody swings of how we endure life often is softened by the reminder that we are not alone and that our friendships with loved ones provide much more realism as to why we are here and what we are supposed to do within our decisions.

I was reminded of this on Turkey Day.

As we sat around an intimate and dimly lit table, I suddenly realized that my life, for what it’s worth, is very simple and my relationships are vibrant and full of the strangest characteristics. The soulful food prepared by warm and genuine hands, the drinks carefully poured into eager glasses, and the stories and connections by far made more sense yesterday than perhaps my entire life’s worth of sharing with friends. Now, and before I get too ahead of myself, my friends are deep and wide and by no means do I mean to sound like my friends during this particular Thanksgiving dinner made the top pick of my litter. My dear friend Laura mentioned that I am a “collector of friends” and what sounded like I only enjoy the numbers game, she clarified.

“Mike,” she said, “you collect friends the same way a coin collector collects rare coins, or an archeologist seeks out fossilized bones.” You enjoy the rarest and most qualified of friendships and to be honest, I’m proud to have you as a friend.”

Darn, where was she when I was not paying all of my bills on time and avoiding phone calls from creditors or losing connections left and right with solid people over my own inadequacies; or better yet, finding myself becoming a recluse and spending too much time online looking for love in all the wrong places. Where was she when I was fighting with my parents over my own internal issues, or joining the Navy just to leave a bruised and shattered home life, or perhaps when my mind was into too much darkness and forcibly and irrevocably leading me down a suicidal path.

Yes, where was she back then?

Having said that, I will say that my life yesterday meant so much in the sense of how I take in each day and how my own perspective changes with each person that changes or influences my life. Yesterday’s dinner (and subsequent nap), made me feel solid and within my own periphery of what is real good for me.

Thank you Dave, OD, Jen, and Troy for making me feel like my progress in life is something to be envied and if anything, a life to be lifted up and shared for the willing.

M.C. Davis


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