La La La!

…there are too many answers for so few questions.

This week-end was extremely fruitful: spent some quality time with my friends moving crap from one location to another; followed by an awesome catered dinner for one of our friends; and even took a road trip to IKEA which, by the way, ended up with just a few items that fit snugly inside a 5-cent bag. Usually, IKEA items require a snug fit inside the Land Rover so a small bag is quite the step. Also, in the process of cleaning out the studio and making room for the new tenant.

I did some thinking while I was hanging with my friends and if anything, I realized that my new life in DC will definitely keep me busy to the point of finding a smooth place within DC’s traffic, stereotypes, and crime stats. This week-end we are heading back down to DC to look at more properties and hopefully this week-end will make us new home owners.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s wise to keep this housing search in a forever status because my mind will slowly drift into oblivion, and that won’t be pretty…

Oh well, life is still awesome and I am looking forward to stepping it up a notch with a new dynamic career coupled with a new life for my family and friends.

M.C. Davis


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