The Realtor From Hades!

…actually, I don’t know where he was from but what I do know that he wasn’t from any place that resembled any use of oxygen!

First off, DC is pretty impressive anyway so to have the tailored tourist version of city is at best overkill. So, what happens in the beginning: a tailored tourist version of the city (of course, from the realtor’s perspective…) So, in order to waste more of my time, he then begins to tell me about the buying and selling process and this is after I told him that my home in Portland as well as our rental in Portland proves at least we have a clue as to how to buy and what to buy in dynamic market.

But no, he continues and I patiently stand by waiting for the paint to dry on the walls.

He stops to take a breath and then I notice that my break is now or never. I interject and prove through my suaveness that I too eat regularly from the cake of common sense. He stops then realizes for the first time that he has not only wasted my time by explaining what a house is but he also realizes that time is indeed of the essence.

So, to make a longer story longer, we continued down the path of wasting time until an hour later we depart from Bethesda, MD to the heart of Washington, DC–which is where ideally we would like to live.  Without going into too much endless detail, we visited several places along the way and if anything, I  gained some great perspective as to what neighborhoods grab my immediate attention or which neighborhoods scare the heck out of me. In either case, we found ourselves hungry in the afternoon and sat down for a stint of a typical DC culinary experience.

1 minute…
2 minutes…
3 minutes…
4 minutes…
5 minutes…

A whole five minutes passes by and he mentions that he has to go to his office to sign a document, email another document, fax some more paperwork, and yes, meet with another client who by the way, is already there waiting for me. Don’t forget, we just sat down…


So, he immediately pays for the meal, asks me if I wanted anything else from the menu, and then skirts off to his office leaving me with just two bites of my meal and still chewing. He tells me that he’ll return once he finishes his business at the office so try to eat slowly and he’ll catch up with our discussion of the day so far when he returns. I eat my food (slowly of course) then after 30 minutes, I realize that his return wasn’t happening anytime soon so, like the gentleman that I am, I finished my meal and left the table. Luckily for him, he arrived soon afterwards and met me on the street. He apologized of course but then again, wouldn’t anyone apologize for such an experience?

Such drama…

The day was beautiful which made the experience bearable but in the end, we found a great location and a great neighborhood so perhaps the overall condition of the realtor is irrelevant. It was a fun experience and because my temperament doesn’t equate to the Incredible Hulk, I think his lifestyle, as well as my own, was left unscathed.

More to come I’m sure…

M.C. Davis


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