Talking With Chuck…

…well, that’s at least what my friend Portia Jenkins said in the 7th grade when she talked about giving out blow jobs to older guys way past middle school or even our area code.

But, I digress.

Today, in between scanning customers at Panera and writing endlessly about creative outlets for strategic organizations, I ran into Chuck. He’s all of 20 years old but talking to him made me stop thinking and start listening. I mean, his character was stunning and in hearing his life story, it was like watching a movie so surreal that you almost forget you are watching a movie. We talked for just a few moments because we already had a previous connection (he works at Panera) but today was the first day we had a chance to say more than a few cursory words to each other. In either case, it felt good to hear his story and it made my life in Maine thus far feel validated in how the energy, the love, and the connection felt between my own life and the lives I affect.

Talking with Chuck, and how he used to live behind the Hannaford’s for 4 years and had to live off simple means with no connection to family or strong friendships, made me feel like I need to thank the people in my life for how they affect my life. Talking with Chuck, and how he had to fight off the mother’s boyfriend who was jealous of his connection with his mother, made me think how lucky I am to have a mother who tells me she loves me. Talking with Chuck, and seeing how in 20 years he has more life than I will in 40, made me realize how valuable each day is because in each day we have only one guarantee…that there are no guarantees.

Talking with Chuck moved me to made my life’s progression a priority and I plan to keep Chuck in the forefront of my mind because his story is by far the sole reason I seek change in myself and in my environment.

M.C. Davis

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