How Nice It Is…

It’s been a while but I tell you, it’s been hectic.

First: work has been crazy. I am finalizing my enormous workload and trying to pass my workload onto another victim, which, I might add, is going fairly well. The one aspect of the military that excites me is that there is complete redundancy wherever the job takes you.

Second: home life has been consuming. Planning to buy a place in DC is not as easy as one may think. If anything, I have to lose all aspects of how I understand realty because within the beltway, everything is game and my life in Maine has spoiled me for what’s to come.

Third: friendships are becoming more realistic. My buddy Russ and I aren’t on speaking terms and largely because deep inside of my gut I feel like my departure from Maine in a few months will draw us further apart. We kind of had our first argument the other night and it caused a ripple in me that I don’t think will mend anytime soon. I think a part of me wants the pain to happen sooner than later. So, we’re at ends and probably will stay that way until I leave.

Lastly, schoolwork is like a gnat that just gives you enough room to swat. More papers and lazy professors keep my nights busy. Good thing this is my last semester and hopefully this MSOL will give me more wisdom than a year ago. I think the jury will be out for a while for that resolution.

So, it’s been crazy but I still manage to write and think objectively and without too much hassle. This is most likely why I am still aware of why I am here and what I’m supposed to do.

Yep. That’s it.

M.C. Davis

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