Time Is On My Side?


What’s up with time?

For some reason, time has stepped it up a notch and has left my life, with all of my cool gadgets, behind. I used to think that it was just my old age catching up to me, whisking me off to Never-Never Land but then again, who actually knows where that place is. So, perhaps it’s the weather. Perhaps the strange occurrences with a massive wildfire in California or record high temps in New England during an usual autumn season play crucial roles in how I am seeing life now. Who knows and perhaps I shouldn’t know at this juncture in my life but what I do know is that my life is a roller coaster and I don’t even think I make the height requirements for the ride.

So, let’s change the race.

I think it’s time to take advantage of the pace and character of this race. In my next go-around, because there will be one, I will jump hard and spend every last drop of energy to keep up with the pace. I don’t know who said it but I do remember a quote:

“Obstacles are there to not only challenge your determination but also to make you realize why you are doing what you’re doing.”

Now, it’s time to get busy and let this time machine know who’s the boss.

M.C. Davis

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