I Think I Will Have That Drink

I Think I Will Have That Drink 

I love the small
version of you
and the delicate touch
of your fingertips
and the poetry that each
layer brings to how we devour
each other in slow and deliberate bites.
It’s magical, and the leaning sky
doesn’t wait but instead
hesitates, nods, and dreams
for us. This is how we have
learned to dissect life, but if we stay too
long, then we are already late
for the evening show.
Yes, the drink will do us fine
and you too will learn
that with each sip,
we are falling in love
once again. With each sip,
we are once more unfamilar
as to why we are here
in the first place.
Yes, I think I will have that drink.
Yes, I think I will.

M.C. Davis

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