What Goes Up Must Come Down Right?

So, it’s almost the end of the year right? What do we have, like, two weeks until the New Year! Well, it seems like time, in its most infinite manner, has slipped through ever single crack available from which we gain nothing from it.Don’t you miss the days where the sun dragged its feet and the moon resisted every attempt to close the night?

Oh well, I am digressing again.This week, and the general part of  last week has been crazy. The marathon, the papers, the social outings, the endless hours of not sleeping and of course, the home life of being the best…well, you know. Last night, I couldn’t sleep for anything so naturally, and because I am a Capitalist pig, I turned on the TV. Without A Trace, which is extremely addictive at midnight, became my brain and lucky for me, it was a marathon show so it took every effort at 2:30am or so to turn off the TV before the next damn sneak attack appeared. 

Am I still digressing?

So, this morning is a drag and I feel guilty because if anything, today should be a very productive day for me. I have made a list of “Things To Get Done” as well as a list of ‘Things That Will Never Get Done But Look Good On Paper” and of course, the list of “Stop Making Lists Of Things That Will Never Get Done” list. I think this week should be taken care of but after last night’s episode with sleep and poorly written 15-page paper dealing with global economy and the effect of technology therein, I’m spent.

So, I come to you. My handy-dandy blog who will always wait for me no matter how long I ignore, bash, or corner you for information and even without you spellchecking me or telling me I have an incredibly horrible run-on sentence or that I may have a booger in my nose but then again, I think if you didn’t tell me that, I would be more horrified because in some sick and maniacal way, you would enjoy that more than I would.

Who said life’s fair anyway?

So, thanks!

M.C. Davis

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