You’re No One Until Someone Kills You

Well, not literally but every once in a while, we need to kill ourselves psychologically so that perhaps we’ll discover different angles of who we really are. The idea of starting over, for most people at least, begins with a simple explosion of the past person from which a new and more invigorated version emerges. The past is not ever forgotten but only set aside to allow descent room for the more modern and up-to-date version of our personalities while the past, quietly sitting by, learns and adapts for perhaps another jumpstart into who we are later.

So, I killed myself today aftrer a 10 mile run and I loved it!

(Actually, the idea of being killed is a good thing at this point in my life considering I have a 26’er coming up in a few days…)


To be honest, I am not too nervouse since I have been aggressively running mile after mile like a mad man lately in every effort to not pass out during the last leg of the race. The last marathon, which was in 05, nearly killed me towards the end and largely because the geek factor wasn’t turned on.

This year, some changes will need to happen.

So, wish me luck on the one thing a year I dread and look forward to.

Perhaps a part of me will be killed and quickly reborn during the race?

M.C. Davis

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