The Pace of Whatchamacallit?

I just finished Troy’s movie and the feeling is so overwhelming and to my surprise, there was an overwhelming emotional connection with all of our friends who were there. I was so happy to be there, suddenly entrenched in so much love and affection for what we have created together as a team of sorts. I loved the idea of sharing our lives with so many people who love and also care for us. I am truly aware at this point in my life that there indeed is a reason why I am here…

I am here to love.

My mom and I are on speaking terms again and despite her attempt to create a connection, I always feel like there is an indirect wall separating us, from which I will never be able to truly identify. This is the nature of what we have become and hopefully this will change in the future but I am not too hopeful.

Her folks who need money called me today again  and despite her efforts to make amends, I am still involved. School work has increased and the work and time needed to complete the movie took center stage which took away from my ability to be a “good post’er” for the online discussion boards. I will have to make it up this upcoming week and with some ferocity.

The home has changed a bit. We moved the den into the living room and made the living room a bedroom. Now, with any luck, we’ll be able to make some more money when and if we sell. DC is lurking and I am getting more and more nervous about my prospects down there. The nature of the job is to give you the most out of your career and with any blemishes, the odds are not favorable.

Hopefully they see transgression and progression in the same light.

I have decided to take one a few more projects:

1. Work on another video project; this time, with animation. I think I will work with Russ on this project.

2. Work on the book of poetry that has lingered for some time now. I have contacted a service that might be very helpful.

3. Get rid of my studio, equipment, other stuff that perhaps could be useful somewhere else.

So, small goals that will keep me busy at least until the end of the year. I am not looking forward to any failures so I will keep the faith that nothing will interrupt my flow.

M.C. Davis

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