Cyber Strangers…

Most of you may or may not know that my life will most likely always revolve around some type of educational process of some sort. Whether it be a class outside learning how to watercolor or a Calculus class that meets once a year for 10 minutes. It’s just who I am and I think the sane part of me loves the constant brain push but the crazier more insane part of me wants to just sit down and catch up on the new season of Law and Order.

Oh well…

It’s just a part of me that I will never fight, disagree, or intimidate because if anything, the fear of a 25-page dealing with Economic Theories or a group assignment detailing the strategies in curriculum development is at times very arousing.

Ok. Enough digression here.

So, I am currently in a MSOL program at Southern New Hampshire University and loving every bit of it. Most of my classmates I have grown with academically and for the most part, we all understand the rhythm of the academic institution and if anything, we all agree that the term professional student isn’t too far off from where we currently sit.

One part of this class is online while the other half is actually taught in a classroom. The other day, I received an email from a classmate that appeared to be a vent email. I read, then read some more…then realized that I neither knew this person nor had a clue as to what she was talking about.

So, what did I do?

I consoled her…but instead of telling her that I neither knew her or her situation, I carried on the conversation. So, for the past few days, we have carried on like old friends and she has yet to ask me anything specific that would at least provide some insight as to how she might have me confused with someone else.

So, the writer in me is starting to wake up because imagine strangers who meet only online and begin a friendship that leads to some eventual friendship?

(Oh, wait, that happens all the time…)

M.C. Davis

Time Is On My Side?


What’s up with time?

For some reason, time has stepped it up a notch and has left my life, with all of my cool gadgets, behind. I used to think that it was just my old age catching up to me, whisking me off to Never-Never Land but then again, who actually knows where that place is. So, perhaps it’s the weather. Perhaps the strange occurrences with a massive wildfire in California or record high temps in New England during an usual autumn season play crucial roles in how I am seeing life now. Who knows and perhaps I shouldn’t know at this juncture in my life but what I do know is that my life is a roller coaster and I don’t even think I make the height requirements for the ride.

So, let’s change the race.

I think it’s time to take advantage of the pace and character of this race. In my next go-around, because there will be one, I will jump hard and spend every last drop of energy to keep up with the pace. I don’t know who said it but I do remember a quote:

“Obstacles are there to not only challenge your determination but also to make you realize why you are doing what you’re doing.”

Now, it’s time to get busy and let this time machine know who’s the boss.

M.C. Davis

I Think I Will Have That Drink

I Think I Will Have That Drink 

I love the small
version of you
and the delicate touch
of your fingertips
and the poetry that each
layer brings to how we devour
each other in slow and deliberate bites.
It’s magical, and the leaning sky
doesn’t wait but instead
hesitates, nods, and dreams
for us. This is how we have
learned to dissect life, but if we stay too
long, then we are already late
for the evening show.
Yes, the drink will do us fine
and you too will learn
that with each sip,
we are falling in love
once again. With each sip,
we are once more unfamilar
as to why we are here
in the first place.
Yes, I think I will have that drink.
Yes, I think I will.

M.C. Davis

The Squeaky Wheel Theory

You know, I’ve seen the method work to the tee. In fact, I’ve used it several times in my career in IT and I truly believe it works if you are completely in love with yourself with no obligation to anyone or anything.

The Squeaky Wheel Theory a.k.a. the SWT.

Yes, I had to use the SWT the other day and it felt good. I nagged, called, emailed, and made more calls to different people in an effort to make my case of how important I was which didn’t include anyone else. But you know what? The SWT worked and the answer I wanted to hear was given to me which made me sit down and think of how many other times I could have use the SWT to solve my other worldly problems.

Now, onto the other things and the such.

I have to start planning my new home in DC. I will miss Maine and all the things that make me who I am here but the January DC move is looming and I must start looming towards the market to find an apartment, life, and a Metro ticket. In either case, I think for the first time in my life, I will be truly homesick.

Oh well, such is the life.

(At least I have mastered the SWT to allow me some room to come back once in a while…)

M.C. Davis

What Goes Up Must Come Down Right?

So, it’s almost the end of the year right? What do we have, like, two weeks until the New Year! Well, it seems like time, in its most infinite manner, has slipped through ever single crack available from which we gain nothing from it.Don’t you miss the days where the sun dragged its feet and the moon resisted every attempt to close the night?

Oh well, I am digressing again.This week, and the general part of  last week has been crazy. The marathon, the papers, the social outings, the endless hours of not sleeping and of course, the home life of being the best…well, you know. Last night, I couldn’t sleep for anything so naturally, and because I am a Capitalist pig, I turned on the TV. Without A Trace, which is extremely addictive at midnight, became my brain and lucky for me, it was a marathon show so it took every effort at 2:30am or so to turn off the TV before the next damn sneak attack appeared. 

Am I still digressing?

So, this morning is a drag and I feel guilty because if anything, today should be a very productive day for me. I have made a list of “Things To Get Done” as well as a list of ‘Things That Will Never Get Done But Look Good On Paper” and of course, the list of “Stop Making Lists Of Things That Will Never Get Done” list. I think this week should be taken care of but after last night’s episode with sleep and poorly written 15-page paper dealing with global economy and the effect of technology therein, I’m spent.

So, I come to you. My handy-dandy blog who will always wait for me no matter how long I ignore, bash, or corner you for information and even without you spellchecking me or telling me I have an incredibly horrible run-on sentence or that I may have a booger in my nose but then again, I think if you didn’t tell me that, I would be more horrified because in some sick and maniacal way, you would enjoy that more than I would.

Who said life’s fair anyway?

So, thanks!

M.C. Davis

You’re No One Until Someone Kills You

Well, not literally but every once in a while, we need to kill ourselves psychologically so that perhaps we’ll discover different angles of who we really are. The idea of starting over, for most people at least, begins with a simple explosion of the past person from which a new and more invigorated version emerges. The past is not ever forgotten but only set aside to allow descent room for the more modern and up-to-date version of our personalities while the past, quietly sitting by, learns and adapts for perhaps another jumpstart into who we are later.

So, I killed myself today aftrer a 10 mile run and I loved it!

(Actually, the idea of being killed is a good thing at this point in my life considering I have a 26’er coming up in a few days…)


To be honest, I am not too nervouse since I have been aggressively running mile after mile like a mad man lately in every effort to not pass out during the last leg of the race. The last marathon, which was in 05, nearly killed me towards the end and largely because the geek factor wasn’t turned on.

This year, some changes will need to happen.

So, wish me luck on the one thing a year I dread and look forward to.

Perhaps a part of me will be killed and quickly reborn during the race?

M.C. Davis

The Pace of Whatchamacallit?

I just finished Troy’s movie and the feeling is so overwhelming and to my surprise, there was an overwhelming emotional connection with all of our friends who were there. I was so happy to be there, suddenly entrenched in so much love and affection for what we have created together as a team of sorts. I loved the idea of sharing our lives with so many people who love and also care for us. I am truly aware at this point in my life that there indeed is a reason why I am here…

I am here to love.

My mom and I are on speaking terms again and despite her attempt to create a connection, I always feel like there is an indirect wall separating us, from which I will never be able to truly identify. This is the nature of what we have become and hopefully this will change in the future but I am not too hopeful.

Her folks who need money called me today again  and despite her efforts to make amends, I am still involved. School work has increased and the work and time needed to complete the movie took center stage which took away from my ability to be a “good post’er” for the online discussion boards. I will have to make it up this upcoming week and with some ferocity.

The home has changed a bit. We moved the den into the living room and made the living room a bedroom. Now, with any luck, we’ll be able to make some more money when and if we sell. DC is lurking and I am getting more and more nervous about my prospects down there. The nature of the job is to give you the most out of your career and with any blemishes, the odds are not favorable.

Hopefully they see transgression and progression in the same light.

I have decided to take one a few more projects:

1. Work on another video project; this time, with animation. I think I will work with Russ on this project.

2. Work on the book of poetry that has lingered for some time now. I have contacted a service that might be very helpful.

3. Get rid of my studio, equipment, other stuff that perhaps could be useful somewhere else.

So, small goals that will keep me busy at least until the end of the year. I am not looking forward to any failures so I will keep the faith that nothing will interrupt my flow.

M.C. Davis