A Little Night-Cap

So, after this week-end, I think I have found a solemn groove for all the things that crowd my current schedule:

1. Planning Troy’s birthday party and making sure people come without a hitch which includes sending out invites! Yikes!

2. Dropping by the movie theater to check out the scene and how the movie will look

3. Making sure I post so many times for so many questions on so many days of the week.  (Don’t ask…)

4. Keeping work and academic schedules in par with my ability to remain sane.

5. Keep motivated to run for a real run in a few weeks. 

6. Ensuring I have enough time in the day to make sure I’ll have time for myself tomorrow.

7. Getting some perspective between OCS  and WHCA.

8. Making sure my mom remains my mom since our lack of talking is getting annoying.

9. Work–for what it’s worth–is getting to secretive and hopefully the fun will come gushing back one of these days.

10. Work out…and then work out some more!

And after all that, I am still tired of thinking of new lists for what’s best for my current situation or future plans.

Such is life and boy am I loving every bit of it!

M.C. Davis


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