Common Sense

Checked out Common’s new album Finding Forever the other day and I felt compelled to provide a review.

First of all, welcome back Hip-Hop! I have not been this moved since Biggie Smalls came to the scene.

Common’s message is simple: music is your hip-hop because nothing else matters.

Not the cars, the bling, the 10 cribs on the beach, the shawty’s lined up outside…none of that matters because without the music, none of it would be possible.

Most hip-hops artists miss the very premise that got them to stardom in the first place. It’s so easy to find yourself stuck in the middle when everyone around you tells you that laffy-taffy is that new hot thang or the fact that anyone can get on stage with about 100 mics yelling “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” or “Where my brothas at?!”

Common doesn’t do this in his natural and poetic way. His words are systematically and meticulous and without too much fluff to make it unreachable. I connected to his words without a full understanding of the industry or the movement within. He brought me back to what I was used to as a kid listening to Doug E. Fresh or watch Breakin’ on HBO with Turbo, Speacial K, and of course, Ozone.

And if the music didn’t do you in, the lyrics are poetry and Common’s approach is real with every intention to keep you attentive and in tune with his message. The album is worth every penny and for many albums that I download, I will take a different approach to Common’s album.

He deserves every penny.

M.C. Davis


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