A Little Va-cay!

I have to admit it:

I’m a loser.

Well, not in everything but in some things my tastes, orientation, and style all clash like cymbals in a bad orchestration of the 1812 Overture. Well, in either case, this week-end, I am spending some time in Norfolk, VA. I am visiting my friend Larrie who is stationed here and for the most part, we get along. Larrie is the type of guy who keeps it straight with me and I always feel like myself–whoever that is–can truly stay in the myself zone when he is around. He swears like a Sailor, probably wouldn’t enjoy a good symphony, and drinks Jack and Coke right before going to bed. He’s a heck of a guy and quite frankly, I don’t think this post will be the last of his  mentioning.

So, Virginia is still Virginia and despite my cool employment in the Navy, I have never made it to this part of what most people call Navy Central. It’s indeed a Navy town and the people don’t look at you with amazement but instead, they want you to stay off the grass and quietly leave. It’s a strange place and I think Larrie, who doesn’t need too much, will most likely end up retiring here when he’s old and even more Navy than he is now.

This morning I took a quick run on the beach and because of the lack of normal Mike stuff, I didn’t drink enough nor take good awareness to the weather. I ended up with a headache and not enough water so, a quick Google followed by two touches on the GPS, I found my Panera. After my run, I talked to OD about her friend in New York. Let’s just say that I am very excited about meeting this person. I don’t think she is ready for me.


So, I am happy and almost content with the day and my headache has suddenly disappeared.  Too many class posts already and this is only the first week of class. Good thing it’s the last semester for my MSOL.

M.C. Davis


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