In Search of Who?

A few weeks ago, I met with an old grad school professor, who is also an executive life coach and like I mentioned before, he set me out on a journey to find myself. As idealistic as that may sound, I felt the need to follow through with his advice because if anything, he gets paid to sell people back to themselves.

So, I did.

Mike recommended that I should read The Alchemist and I did.

Whoa! Who knew reading could be so powerful.

I thought long and hard about my situation and if I had half the courage of the protagonist in the book, I would be…well, not here writing a blog. In either case, I made some serious changes in my life from of the combination of the book and speaking with Mike.

1. I decided to move beyond what I am doing and seek options as an officer in the Navy.

2. I decided to be more agressive in getting work back from DC.

3. I decided to tell my loved ones that I do indeed love and not just during the holidays.

4. I walk more.

5. I convinced myself that the marathon that is happening in a few weeks is indeed obtainable and my goal in finishing is extremely realistic.

So, all in all, I have found a part of myself that is strong and full of synergy for what life has to offer. In essence, I have found myself and all the things that to make me a strong, wise, and way too young to give up.

M.C. Davis


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