Time Waits For No One!

First off, please accept my apologies for this much delay since my last post. In the middle of the last session, I managed to find an active life waiting for me to take control of it.  In between work schedules, I have merged back into the school schedule with three classes looming with too much work already.

Whoever said education grants the sweetest rewards obviously hasn’t walked in my shoes.

Anyway, we decided to make our den into a bedroom which does two things for us:

1. Bring more value to the home

2. Get rid of me falling asleep on the couch, which used to be located in the den–the now, bedroom.

3. Makes folks want to stay over and sleep on an actual bed vice a pseudo-bed.

4. Makes our home  more of a home.

5. Gives me a reason to change everything else in the house. 

So, in between all of that, life has been quite hectic and the week has just started. Work is crazy but in the usual crazy way most Navy jobs are.  This week-end I am heading to Norfolk to visit my friend Larrie, who is also in the Navy. He’s a man of few words but the words he chooses to use are always useful to our friendship. It will be a good trip visiting a good friend.

My buddy Albert–or Mike, as he calls himself these days, is off to Iraq and since he has spent the majority of his jar-head career on vacation, this trip will do him some good. I just hope he comes home because in my own travels to that region, I came home in the end.

Most don’t and that’s the real part of this war.

At any rate, I am looking forward to this  semester ending and my life in DC, or the OCS route, taking a full frontal position. I need to be more active in my life and getting off the rocking chair on the porch is definitely the first step.

M. C. Davis


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