Gosh Darn To Heck!

These last couple of days have been interesting. Work has been slightly off center where I feel like I’ve been almost 53.6 seconds off of my normal life speed and despite all the IT jargon used, and the projects being completed amongst the noise of work, I still feel intermittently lost. People at work make me laugh out loud and there is a certain visitor this week who, unfortunately for him, has a serious speech problem. He stutters like a woodpecker on crack and I desperately feel like finishing every single word he says…

but I don’t.

In fact, I very much like him but I think most don’t because of his “situation” but in the end, he’s the smarter one for not caring and for that, I don’t think I will ever forget him.

Oh well.

Today was an even slower event and spending time with Troy is desperately needed. Since I am currently in summer break, which means I can do anything I want without too much worrying about an essay due or serious study time, I feel very liberated and without too much hassle in what to do with my time. It’s a time of renewal for me and I thank God for allowing me to make it this far in life. I am enjoying life more and I feel like my family is a direct reflection of what God has for me.

This is my life thus far and I am very happy for what and who I have in my life.

M.C. Davis


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