A Tech-Style Rant

I usually don’t superimpose my IT superiority nor my experience or ability to troubleshoot IT-related problems with the finesse of a track star but for this post, and because there is so much drama with the iPhone, and my buddy Russ’ insistent idea that the iPhone is God-like in every feature, I feel the need to vent a bit.


Actually, I should say that my feelings have already been echoed by many writers who have written various articles detailing the chaos and hype surrounding the iPhone. Apple has even brought the price down to accommodate the growing population of 17-year-olds who are able to hack into its supposed superior infrastructure.

What about all the copycats out there pulling out all of their cut-and-paste tactics to bring the same technology but most likely at a much realistic price and expectation. Google’s about to present its Google phone as well as Sony’s PS3 phone, which will most likely hit the market before Christmas.

So, without too much effort, I am going to simply point you in the direction of that article. I am a current subscriber to Tech Republic.Com which is a great site for info, tools, and a range of articles from cell phone technology to how to impress your girlfriend…well, with a tech-style gift or some other device that requires batteries or a charger.

Am I digressing? Perhaps.

Anyway, Jody Gilbert wrote an excellent article describing why not to buy the iPhone entitled 10 Reasons Not To Buy The iPhone (at least, not yet). I don’t mean to take away from the iPhone’s prowess but could the world be anymore submissive to this technology that truly isn’t the first or last of its kind. Revolutionary technology? Not this year.

10 Reasons Not To Buy The iPhone (At least, not yet)

M.C. Davis


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