Why Not Have A “Happy New Year” Everyday?

Too many times we are stuck in the mindset of making our new year’s resolution at the beginning of the year. This time is usually when our efforts from the last year have been collected, examined, or exhausted to the nth degree and quite frankly, we need a new start.

That feeling of a lost year into a new year is usually heart-felt on so many levels especially when the countdown from 10 to 1 looms in the distance.

With each downward spiral, we are that much closer to forgetting; we are also that much closer in allowing our past to be stamped out in preparation for the New Year. Why can’t we have this new-start-feeling throughout out the year vice only in the beginning?And as you know, New Year resolutions are a farce anyway. 8 out of 10 people who make resolutions usually drop them within seconds after the last drop of champagne since the balance between reality and fantasy is usually in the eye of the beholder. And if you think like me, most eyes jet back and forth like a REM video cassette, especially when that person is lying.

Oh well, I am digressing into irrelevancies and who knows what else.

The point: this year, resolution and all,  has been fantastic for me so far and I feel like everyone should partition a portion of their day to bring back that feeling from around the 31st of the December,  at around 11:59pm. You know, this is the time where your life started over with or without your input.

Who knows? You might even smile more.

M.C. Davis


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