Do We All Have Disclaimers?

The other day I was speaking with Troy about friendship and the various details that friends have to endure to either stand or love one another. From my standpoint, friends–well, at least good friends should be there unconditionally for each other but then the thought struck me:

Are friends really there for you unconditionally?

After a quick run through of my circle of friends, I realized the answer.


This is in part because within the confines of love and those cute little hugs, there are silent conditions that friends have for one another that either will break or make the relationship. I know from my own personal experiences that friendship can make a man think horrible things about his own personal social standings, which is why disclaimers have become somewhat the norm when it comes to friendships alike. Friendships that have to be explained or disclaimed outwardly do not deserve my time or energy anymore.

When I was younger, and being the only child, I had tons of friends and the mere idea of someone not liking me would carry me through the hardest of times. As I’ve grown into this man of many sides, I’ve come to the conclusion that friendship shouldn’t come with a set of disclaimers for the same reason that some books or movies shouldn’t come with Cliffnotes.I like–oh, let me say this again, I love my friends and I hope that I don’t inadvertently stem out a disclaimer in order to be my friend.

The greatest joy in friendship is the fact that one has one.

M. C. Davis


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