Wouldn’t it be great to be able to timestamp your life the same way I can timestamp blog entries for the future? The very nature of how we communicate would change dramatically change. We would never focus on the present for one thing because our days and nights would circumvent around the next best idea to be inserted into a day that hasn’t happened yet.

Oh, how sad a day.

I think the best application I have learned from blogging, especially with WordPress,  is the wonderful ability to post thoughts and feelings for future posts at designated times. For some reason, I have fallen in love with this notion because it allows my days and nights to be focused on the nonessential elements from which my most forgetful element fall into. When I timestamp a blog entry and read it later, I feel that someone else is writing my life story for me and I,  a lonely reader, quietly sits while sipping Chai Tea Latte in a small Brunswick, Maine coffee shop.

The other day my buddy Russ and I were having coffee, as usual, and the fact that Russ can’t remember hardly anything from yesterday to the a few minutes ago made me think of the whole concept within the artful science of blogging. For instance, he uses his blog to remember things that he’ll be destined to forget. He’s a programmer and although his passion for programming is zany to most, he has a blog with information that he’ll refer back to later as a reference for himself,  vice a personal journal chock full of dirty secrets or tantric thoughts of the day. In essence, he is creating his own library of coding and the such.

So, 30 seconds later.

I realized that most likely I have a blog for the same reason in that I love the idea of getting all these things out and in the open. Ideally there is such a good feeling in knowing that my words will be forever etched into cyber space and no matter who reads it, the point is that I am reading it and truly that is what really matters. No grammarian or spell-checker looming in the distance.

Just me. Hanging loose. Writing.

The art of blogging: how selfish thou has become. 

M.C. Davis


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