Sit. Think. Write.

Sometimes when I write either a part of the novel or some daring slam poetry, I think of something so obtuse that I lose immediate focus on everything around me. I’m not too sure if this is healthy or not but I think most people experience symptoms of this thinking game in some fashion or another.

The game of focusing has always amazed me because when I was a younger guy, I used to try to focus on everything around me, which was futile at best. I don’t think my brain could comprehend everything at once and with such eccentricity around me, I don’t think anyone could. The only thing I knew is that learning how to truly focus on something was a lot harder than it looked and it wasn’t just simply looking at something for more than 30 seconds.

Like the other day.

I’m sitting in Panera listening to Norah Jones, and staring into a laptop screen which out of nowhere, the laptop’s screen suddenly changes form and I am back home playing in the neighborhood with the guys. I am fighting over “Who’s It?” then having my first sexual experience, then graduating from high school, but just as soon as those memories flashed back, I was back in Panera looking at a blank screen and still listening to Norah Jones.

I know the nature of how we think is almost a “dare to think” mental game we play but then again, is this necessarily a bad thing?

I don’t think so.

In fact, I think blogs and the such were designed around this notion. Sit. Think. Write.

So, I will welcome the gaze because if anything, it gives me a reason to stand out in a crowd and you know how I love to stand out in a crowd. This upcoming week-end might be a little slow for posts since I am off to the woods for playtime, story time, and a little bit of poetry thrown in.

M.C. Davis


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