Oh, Okay…It’s My Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 31.


And I think the best part of that day was that I actually woke up late (around 7am) and the cable guy who came by to fix a problem actually upgraded our service, which saved me $2.

Imagine that. 

It was a strange day but even now I know that being 31 won’t do anything for my ego, libido, strength, or overall understanding of my purpose in life. 31 means 31 and only 31 because if 31 could talk to me, it would say only one thing…

“just wait until you turn  32”

Anyway, Troy has something planned this evening, of which I am completely clueless as to the plans but perhaps once a year being clueless isn’t that bad huh? My mom, whom I haven’t spoken to in a while, called this morning to wish me a Happy Birthday but since we are at odds with ourselves nowadays, I don’t think I’ll be calling her back anytime soon.


The course of growing older is getting more and more complex each day but then again, I think if we had the option to grower younger, we would still be perplexed as to the nature of growing. So, grow in peace and while you’re nodding your head, thank God that you are even able to do anything…like breathe.

or grow up.

M.C. Davis

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