Home Sweet Home…I Think?

I live in Portland, Maine and for the past 7 years or so, I have claimed every street lamp, cobble stone, and street bum as my own private collection of wonderful things I love about this city. So, it takes a lot for me to stray too far from the city that has given so much to me in the sense of who I have become.


The other day, I walked down to my art studio on the corner of Congress and High street and noticed a different type of energy. It was a passing sense of things leaving the city and it felt cold and uneven with what I’ve been used to feeling in the city. There were several “For Lease” signs in the storefronts, more trash on the streets, and more attitude with the people walking. Also, the noise that once saturated the city with a nice cool vibe was more silent and dismal now, where I felt disconnected and slightly angry at the city’s progression.

The character of the city, if you can call it that, is most likely at a crux in between the old and the new. The more subtle parts of the city are emerging as bold and vivid while perhaps the more noticeable parts of the city are secretly departing. In essence, perhaps I am also departing in some direction from the city while the city itself has remained the same. In either case, maturity on any level sucks and I hate the idea of growing while things around me grow differently or don’t bother growing at all.

Portland, for all she has given me, will always keep me in sync with my loves, priorities, and goals and I pray that this transition I feel in the city will only grow from what we have learned from vice detract from the beauty of a city that has provided so much grounding for some many people.

M.C. Davis

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