Motivation Is For The Birds!

A few days ago, I met with a life coach.

Now, before I get the eyes rolling deep into the back of your head, hear me out. The nature of our meeting was strictly informal and if anything, friendly. There wasn’t even a charge for his services and he never made me feel inclined to pull out the Visa Check card. Truthfully, he was my past professor in graduate school so we’ve had a greater connection on a much different level. We even share the same name…both first and last.

So, we met up and luckily for us, it was a great day to catch up because I was completely rested (lucky for him) and he was extremely sensitive to my “What is the meaning of life?” questions (lucky for me). First, let me start by saying that everyone needs a mentor or someone they can internally relate to for guidance.

How many of us honestly can say that the place that one is in life was obtained in an a solo status? How many can say that what one has accomplished is completely by themselves and for themselves?

Uh, no one I know but then again, who am I?

So, M.D. (the life coach) is that type of guy: very sensitive, extremely active listener, and a great friend to have in your corner. All in all, it was a great meeting and I hope that once I achieve the simple objectives put in place, we can meet again to discuss the next evolution. The best part about speaking with him is in knowing that his struggles in being the man he is today is in part due to the fact that he, at a sudden pace, and at a later stage in his life, found himself wandering. He later told me (in more or less words) that his belief is in the individual to find themselves through themselves because in doing so, the most true and ideal version of who you are will appear.

Simply put: experience more from what you need to do in life because believe it or not, there are many millions of people asking the very same questions.

So, I am reading The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho. It’s a fable about following ones dreams and spearheading ones aspirations. From the sound of it already, I am going to be a changed man from this read.

Hey, sure beats reading about Britney and the gang of misfits making all that money in Hollywood!

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