A Runner’s High

Let me start by saying that 12.75 miles isn’t that far. In fact, most of us could calculate the distance from here to there to be about 12.75 miles. Or, the amount of miles it takes for me to enjoy a nice walk from my house, down the street (a bit) to enjoy some local ice cream and a few hours later, a quick but dainty walk back to the house.

Now, the fun part.

Yesterday, my buddies LaRoyce and Corey–well, actually, his name is Anthony Corey but since he has two first names, we usually have the option to call him either. So, my buddies LaRoyce, Corey, and I are training for the Maine marathon which happens every October, usually within the first week. This year’s start time is on the 7th of October, which will be quite brisk and chilly opposite of our training schedule considering we have been training in the oppressive heat and humidity.

Oh well, I digress.

So, the pace is good and the scenery is amazingly addictive and the runner’s high that one experiences individually is magnified by the bond you have with your buddies running beside you. The connection is indeed something to marvel at only because even where there is not a sound heard except your heartbeat and nature, you are intuitively communicating with one another and the expression, the fluidity of our movements, and the emotional commitment to the sport is felt on so many levels, that you almost forget that you are running at times.

Someone said that your real friends help you move but I say that your real friends help you run faster and faster until you can’t imagine life without running or sitting still.

This is what I have called my runner’s high because in it, one doesn’t feel alone or weary but instead, one feels liberated and full of a keen spirit to go as far as you can without telling anyone where you are heading, even if it’s 12.75 miles.

M.C. Davis

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