Time Management

On a typical off day–meaning, just a work day with no school, dog-sitting, or loving, I spend time at Panera Bread either studying or preparing for the next day while drinking coffee. It just so happens that today was one of those days where the proverbial schedule didn’t greet me at the front door but instead, my freedom shouted from the tippy-top floor for me to base jump to the bottom.

So, I jumped with open arms like a bird of prey.

However, I just realized that I typically spend more time preparing my setting than I should; in fact, my first 15 minutes at Panera are designed around my place setting instead of getting down to the business at hand. A typical Panera sit down:

A. Find the best seat in the house i.e. the closest outlet (even though my battery lasts for 4 hours, you never know and no regrets right?).

B. Locate who to secretly stare at while pretending to study or browse the net.

C. Find the line to get coffee, make order, then walk feverishly to pick up the order.

D. Come back to my seat, start the laptop, wait…wait…wait…wait…and yes, wait some more (time for more RAM I think)

E. Login into the Panera system, locate homepage, start browsing.

The only dilemma is that from steps A-D, it a good 15 minutes…which needs to shorten dramatically. I’ve wondered who else has this problem where the intentions are great in accomplishing a particular goal but action towards it is the stumbler or the time to prepare yourself for the task is more cumbersome than the actual task.

I think I need a full time life coach.

(Geez…the things people have to endure)

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