A Particular Conversation The Other Day

The other day I was walking down my usual route on Congress St. when I met up with a friend of mine from the past, but not too far back, but definitely far enough for me to second guess talking to him. In either case, we met and decided to catch up over coffee. Starbucks, which is centrally located along the route, met us with open arms. Here was our conversation:

M: So, how have you been? It’s been a while since–
S: Yeah, I know, and I’m sorry but I’ve had some down days lately that have lingered around.
M: Oh, I know what you mean but like my grandmother used to tell me, “when one door closes, another one opens.”
S: Yea, you’re right and I hope this door stays open for a while.
M: So, what did you think of the new–
S: Hey, do you have $1,000 dollars I could borrow?
M: Um, well, no actually because first, I’m not made of money and second, I haven’t seen you in months!
S: Yeah, I know but I have to pay for my child support and I acquired a slight drug habit since we spoke last…
M: A drug habit? You didn’t even smoke when we spoke last?
S: Some things change I suppose for the worse…
M: I suppose so but not like that.
S: So, you don’t have it?
M: Yep. Pretty much.
S: Well, I have to go but it was nice chatting with you.
M: Oh, okay.

I believe the coffee was just getting to the mid-cool stage when he jetted out the door, but then again, perhaps it was that time for us to make that long leap away from each other once again.

Moral of this story: don’t give your friends money, they might buy drugs to support their habit.

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