Who Knew?

This past weekend I spent time with Troy and loved every bit of it. The nature of our friendship has grown over the many years that I’ve known him and if anything, our friendship is my most prized possession. There is a coolness to how we interact and I love the fact that there is always room for a good fight once in a while. Sammy, the little one, is growing into a kind of super dog that I would have never suspected 3 years ago when he arrived in a tiny crate from the Delta airlines terminal.

My friend OD (pronounced Oh Dee) , whom I have grown increasingly moved to allow our friendship to stair-climb is doing well after her Navy stint and subsequent life in Jacksonville. She is a true fighter underneath her military boots, black overcoat, stocking cap, and cigarettes. More often than none, I am feeling a warm spirit surrounding me when it comes to my friends. When I was younger, most of my friends had purposes that each would inevitably provide for me. As an adult, I have found that numbers do nothing for appearances and if I start now, I can make up for lost time in my quest to find qualitative friends, vice the norm of special characters with special talents for special days types of friends.

My buddy Matt, whom I have known since I was 9 years old, recently had a falling out–well, let me be honest, I let him go because it was the easiest thing to do. In essence (he would say that actually), he is on his way to being a married man and because my lifestyle is almost fancy free, I have found myself on the outskirts of his new evolution. So, before the untold reality of not becoming “Uncle Mike” to his kids, I kindly exited stage left. I don’t think he understood but then again, this situation unfortunately wasn’t about him. Selfish? Perhaps but who isn’t nowadays?

Russ, my best friend of late, met with me for coffee and conversation the other day and I feel that he and I are also on a new plateau of sorts. He has a wonderful life and completely has those items you only read about: wife, a kid (with one on the way), the house, the whole enchilada and I hope that he decides to progress as he and his family matures. One of the greatest joys I have with him is that we can sit and do nothing for hours, or talk endlessly for hours and still I care for him no less than before. I have found that this type of philosophy is a true staple of a solid friendship. Having a best friend who accepts you for the things that also separate you is indeed something to be cherished.

Who knew?

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