Hello World ver. 1.1

The day has come where we have to start living and engaging our senses to become more than our outward appearances have led us to be or think. We are much more than a race, a dialect, a species, and we should expect more in how we respect and love one another. We have to dance and be free enough to show ourselves more love, patience, and gratitude for not what we deserve or have, but what we are lucky enough to experience each day. Indeed, we are extremely lucky to have each day awarded to us and even luckier to share with loved ones mutual experiences, from which so much is gained.

I hope to create a blog that is full of character and synergy where my thoughts, actions, and interpretations are fully expressed in poetry, language, and rants. I love the idea of sharing and engaging for what I think is the best audience in the world.

Through this blog, I will post interesting and thought-provoking news articles, wonderful poetry and artwork, conversations that inspire me, and words of wisdom from the people whom I love. This is a blog that intends to inspire you to create, create, and then create some more. The world is in need of positive influences and I hope to do my share by exploiting that request.

M.C. Davis

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